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Conditional Logic

Let people skip the questions that are irrelevant. Get what matters most.

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Make your forms more personal. Boost the submissions.

You would most probably have left the form asking you the size of your dog right after you indicated that you don’t have any pets.

Every person is unique, even though they make up your business’ audience. It is challenging to get the desired information from people by asking them the same questions no matter how they replied. Create a logic that leads them to be more specific through conditional answers.

Let people skip the unwanted / unnecessary questions and make your form much more personalised and straight- forward with conditional replies.

How it works


After you add the desired fields in your form, including a Radio field, specify the options - Yes or No, Male or Female etc. or pre- describe the answers such as a country selection -US or UK, Asia or Americas etc by adding values.


Then you can choose limitless different paths for users by specifying depending fields. For example; if a user chooses married in a previous field, then you can set a dependent field as Do you have kids?.


Choose when and under what circumstances you would like to show or hide the next fields. By doing this, every single user filling your form will be experiencing a unique and personalised journey.

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