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Field Validation

Get an error-free data by setting fields to the format you desired.

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Verify the data in the first place.

Don’t rely on your audience to fill out an error-free data. Choose in what format you would like to gather information on important fields that must be as clean as possible. Typically, address, phone number, date, email, credit card etc. are the cases where field validation is used most. You would not want to get back to the customer and ask again for corrected details. Do it in the first place!

Field Validation is also extremely important as it helps your CRM to be error-free, collects valid payment information, and creates a better form experience for users while improving your data quality.

Use field validation feature when collecting data such as:

How it works

CabinPanda will automatically detect the fields that are filled in a wrong format. An error message is shown to the user and the form will not be submittable unless the information is corrected by the user.

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