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File Upload Fields

Collect resumes and cover letters, reports and spreadsheets with ease.

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Whether you require resumes and cover letters for your HR team, or reports and spreadsheets from your employees, you can collect them easily and securely with CabinPanda’s file upload fields that come along with the form. You can either ask for a large selection of file types from your customers or employees including PDFs, images, music, Word/Excel Documents and GIFs, or limit the file types you required -ex. only PDFs, only PNG files, etc.

Typically, maximum size for a file to be uploaded to each form is 25mb. However, you can increase the minimum amount for file uploads by upgrading the plan you are already in. Go to pricing page to see what package supports for how much storage capacity.

File types that users can upload to your forms:

How it works

  • Simply drag and drop the file field onto your form.
  • Go to the edit the file field. On a pop-up page choose what file types are allowed to be uploaded by users.
  • Uploads will be stored in our secure database. You can increase the amount of the storage by upgrading to professional or premium plans.
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