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Responsive Forms

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When you create a form with CabinPanda, a duplicated mobile version and tablet version of the form is also created. Once a respondent receives your form, CabinPanda detects the device whether it is a mobile phone, tablet or a desktop PC, and converts your forms to the desired version. However, if the respondent prefers to view your form on a desktop version, there will be a link generated within the form that switches back to a desktop version.

4 tips to make your forms mobile-friendly


Keep your forms simple. Get rid of the unnecessary fields.

People tend to spend less time when filling out forms on their smart phones. Pinpoint the fields that are not absolutely necessary for your forms. Be straight- forward and get what you need most.


Try to use single-column layout as much as you can.

In order to achieve most responsiveness, try not to use side-by-side columns. Instead place them in a vertical format. Don’t make your audience stuck pinching or zooming to see if they are missing any fields in your forms.


Use drop-down lists to minimize typing.

Make it much more easier for people to fill out your forms by presenting drop-down lists as much as possible. The typing experience on mobile is not the same as it is on desktops or laptops. For example; if you wish to get a booking for your event, you need to create a drop-down list for choosing the desired day and time.


Make your CTAs and submission buttons recognisable and easy-to-touch.

It is fundamental that you should make your buttons big enough and leave adequate space between each other to make sure users hit the intended one. Don’t forget to make them more recognisable by using contrasting or different typography.

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