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Teams / User Permissions

Manage and set user permissions for all your works in CabinPanda.

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As your organisation grows, you will need a high volume of collaboration within various departments in your organisation in order to make most of your CabinPanda forms. Kick it off with your copywriter, share it with your designer, let your editor make final touches, and end it in the hands of Data Analyst. Vice versa, restrict people to view and edit your forms. For example, when it comes to the Data Analyst, you may no longer need your designer to be able to view the results especially if they include sensitive information.

Reduce the workload and increase the efficiency by controlling who can access your forms within your organisation.

How it works


Go to Settings located near the top right of the screen after logging into your account.


On the left panel, under the Team Settings, hit on Team Profile to set up and edit your CabinPanda team photo and name.


Hit on Membership in order to send email invitations to your colleagues. You can also view the teams that you already have an access.

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