Today it's seen all around the web; on templates, websites,
and stock designs.

PCI Compliance

Coming soon

Integrate the most popular payment gateways to your order forms. We are working hard to make credit card fields PCI compliant.

Section 508 Compliance

Coming soon

Create powerful and beautiful forms and make them equally available for everyone.

WCAG Compliance

Coming soon

CabinPanda will be fully compliant with WCAG 2.0 soon.

A/B Testing

Coming soon

A/B testing tool will give you a flexibility to test different form elements against each other and pick the best one.

Social Autofill

Coming soon

Let people autofill your forms with the information they already have on their social media.


Coming soon

Get the valuable insights from submissions.

Save & Resume

Coming soon

Give your audience an opportunity to save their answers and resume whenever they want.

Data Encryption

Coming soon

Encrypt sensitive data on your forms by setting a password that no one -even us but you and people you want can access it.

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