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CabinPanda and Chargebee Integration

Chargebee is a subscription management and recurring billing solution used by businesses to customize subscription billing workflows.

Let’s integrate

Let's get you started with Chargebee integration. It's super easy!

With the CabinPanda and Chargebee, you can:

Let's get you started with Cabinpanda and Chargebee integration. You will be able to send your submission data from CabinPanda to Chargebee.

What you need?

  • CabinPanda account
  • Zapier account (It's Free)
  • Chargebee account

More about Chargebee:

Chargebee is a subscription management and recurring billing solution used by businesses to customize subscription billing workflows.

Step by step guide

We will walk you through the steps of integrating with CabinPanda.

Create your CabinPanda account

Sign up and create your CabinPanda account. It’s very easy. Once you have created your account, you are ready to integrate with pretty much anything.


Go to the integrations section of CabinPanda

Here, you can see all the app categories that CabinPanda can integrate with. If you want, you can search for the specific app that you are looking to integrate with, or browse through the featured apps.


Select Chargebee and click connect

Select the Chargebee app and click connect for integration. This will enable integration through Zapier.

Get to know Chargebee

Payments sound simple, until you start thinking of all the small things you'll need to worry about. How will you offer custom discounts to some customers, or extend their trials, or charge different tax rates depending on where your customers live? What if people want to change their plan, or print out a copy of their invoice? Chargebee is a subscriptions management tool that's focused on making those smaller parts of subscription payments simple. It'll keep you and your customers happy—at least about the payment side of things—so you can focus on building the things you love.
  • When receive submission
    Triggers when receive subscription
  • Create Customer
    Creates a new customer in Chargebee.
  • Change Next Billing Date
    Updates next billing date of a subscription.
  • Record Offline Payment for an Invoice
    Records an offline payment for unpaid invoices.
  • Update Customer
    Updates customer details in Chargebee.
  • Create Subscription
    Creates a new subscription along with the customer in Chargebee. This action does not support adding subscription to an existing customer.
  • Pause Subscription
    Pauses a subscription in Chargebee.
  • Resume Subscription
    Resumes a paused subscription in Chargebee.
  • Update Subscription
    Updates a subscription in Chargebee.
8 Chargebee Actions

Try CabinPanda

Try CabinPanda and experiment with its user-friendly, easy to use, easy to publish online forms that have lots of uses.